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Produce Your Pivot

This 3 Day bootcamp is designed to pivot out of your current situation to a life by design.

Seeking a new direction, YOU can create it.

  1. Identify what are your main "worry" points
  2. Get clarity on what's the next step
  3. Create an action plan

October 8, 2020
10:00am Australian Eastern Time

The Plan.

Day 1
We map the things that keep us up at night. The worries, fears and anxieties. Don't sweat it, this process is for your eyes only, and will lay the foundations for the next two days.

Day 2
We identify where we want to get to, which for some might be far away from your current circumstance. You might discover that the pivot towards the new desire is closer than you think.

Day 3
You will gain further clarity on the next step, what you want to change out, improve, tweak or pivot into that new project or future vision. You will work through setting action steps and formulate a plan to move from where you currently are, to where you want to be.

Remember this is your work, your self reflection, vision and action. You are in the driver seat - so be ready to dig in.

What You Get.

You will receive access to daily guides and worksheets to help you in the process and all you need to commit to is showing up and doing the work. Give yourself just a small 15 minutes window a day and a phone to audio record your homework (remember for your ears only) to be on the road to pivoting like a boss!

The bonus day is an extra bit of time because "pivot" is not easy for most of us and often our greatest desires and dreams are met with a lot of fear and resistance.

I'll also have a special bonus for those of you that finish this quickstart bootcamp, but for now, i'll keep that under my hat!

Make the commitment to yourself to dream bigger, aim higher and take deliberate action towards new possibilities.

Joy Pereira

I left my professional onstage production career of 23 years and pivoted to become an online digital and podcast producer. I now work the hours i design, with the people i choose, with more time for my family and freedom to create. I'm building a business and lifestyle on my terms.

Start your pivot today.

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